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Woods Withdraws From Masters


golfTiger Woods will miss the US Masters next week for the first time since 1994 due to a back injury which has required the world number one to undergo surgery.

The American has not had the best of seasons so far and will need at least three weeks rest before he can return to a golf course.

Woods has been successful in 14 major championships; however, he has not won one of golf’s four biggest prizes in six years. His last victory was in the 2008 US Open when he beat Rocco Mediate in a 18-hole play-off at Torrey Pines.

Rory MCilroy currently heads the odds to win the Green Jacket next week in the absence of the four-time winner. The Northern Irishman finished in a tie for 15th in 2011 despite leading going into the final round.

Defending champion Adam Scott is also a prominent in the betting for the Augusta National Club event. If successful, the Australia will bridge the gap between himself and Woods in the world rankings where he currently sits second.

Scott beat Angel Cabrera in a play-off 12 months ago where he broke his maiden tag in majors in the process. The 33-year old has been one of the most consistent players in world golf in the majors over the last few seasons with seven top 10 finishes since 2011.

Justin Rose and Luke Donald, along with MCilroy, will be some of the European players who are looking to add their name to roll of honour and become the first player from Europe to win the tournament since Jose Maria Olazabal in 1999. They will also be aiming to follow in the footsteps of Nick Faldo who was the last Brit to be successful in the invitational event 18 years ago.




Mayweather makes Khan promise

Boxing’s pound-for-pound king Floyd ‘Money’ Mayweather has revealed he would be willing to fight Amir Khan if the Englishman can beat Adrien Broner. After overlooking Khan as his next opponent in favour of Argentine slugger Marcos Maidana, Mayweather has promised the Brit he would be handed the opportunity to fight him if he can beat Broner on his May 3 undercard in America.

While Broner is coming off a career-first defeat – at the hands of Maidana – at the end of 2013, the 24-year old is still extremely highly-rated and a victory over him would be a statement for Khan ahead of a possible meeting with Mayweather. Already a three-weight world champion, Broner’s career is in its own need of a big win after his humbling points defeat to Maidana in December, and the outspoken American has already begun the war of words against his potential opponent.

Khan, who has a 2010 points victory over Maidana, had made no secret that he expected to be Mayweather’s next opponent after signing his part of a contract as early as last year. The Olympic silver medallist’s dreams were dashed, however, with Mayweather instead opting to face a Maidana on a real high after an impressive 2013, with ‘Money’ going on to call for Khan to face Broner in a bid to prove himself worthy of the fight.

Mayweather tweeted: “I don’t have an easy fight on May 3, 2014, so I can’t over look @ChinoMaidana but @AmirKingKhan, if you and @AdrienBroner end up fighting each other on my show and you win (which you won’t)… I’ll fight you.”

Khan admitted he would be tempted to face Broner with the Mayweather fight on offer should he win, although it remains to be seen whether or not the British boxer would be willing to face Broner on Mayweather’s undercard.

“A few names have been put to me – even someone like Broner would be a great fight for me.

“The fight would probably be in America and possibly be on a Floyd card as well. More than likely the fight will probably be in America. There are a few names, I’m going to sit down with Golden Boy and my team.”

While Khan’s career has stalled since back-to-back defeats at the hands of Lamont Peterson and Danny Garcia, Maidana is coming off two important and comprehensive victories against Josesito Lopez and Broner. Recording uninspiring victories over Carlos Molina and Julio Diaz since his brutal loss to Garcia made it hard for many to make a case for Khan deserving the Mayweather fight. Victory over Broner may be what Khan needs to prove he is ready to take on the world’s best.

While no venue has yet been named for Mayweather’s next fight, Las Vegas will once again be one of the lead contenders after hosting the multiple-weight world champion’s last 10 fights. Those who aren’t able to get to the bright lights of Vegas and the casinos can take advantage of the selection of offers available at http://thetop10bestonlinecasinos.com/ca.




Choosing The Right Motocross Gear


Few other sports can match the thrill and excitement offered by the motocross sport, which is popular among people across all age groups. As an extreme sport, it is dangerous; therefore, it requires adequate practice, skill, and the appropriate motocross gear if you want to participate.

Motocross gear includes helmets, boots, goggles, jackets, pants and more. Like most other action sports gear, the main purpose of motocross clothes and equipment is to protect the rider’s skin, feet, and vision. The clothes are resistant to tearing and protect the rider’s body. In addition to protection, the clothes offer adequate comfort and enhance the rider’s look.

When choosing motocross gear, one should go for style as well as quality. The clothes and equipment should look fashionable and last long. The gear should be fully functional and allow free movement. It should also offer full protection; for example, goggles to protect the eyes, a padded jacket to protect the upper body from bruises, kidney guards, motocross pants to protect the lower body, knee and elbow pads, and gloves to protect the hands from blisters. Another factor to consider when buying motocross clothes is the fit. The clothes should be neither too tight nor too loose, and should have adequate ventilation. Some specific motocross gear to consider is listed below.

Motocross Pants

When shopping for motocross pants, size is the first consideration. After finding the right size, one should go for pants that offer the most complete safety features. Hardcore riders should choose pants that are resistant to abrasion, and have the necessary padding, as well as other safety features. The sports apparel market is full of different “miracle” fabrics to choose from; for example, leather, Kevlar, spandura and cordura.

In addition to safety and size, the right motocross pants should be durable as well. The best pants should feature double, or even triple, stitched seams, especially in the seat and knee areas. Ventilation is another important factor to consider when choosing pants. Good ventilation provides comfort to the rider by reducing heat, and therefore, enhancing his or her performance.

Motocross Helmets

When shopping for motocross gear, helmets should be at the top of the list. Since the head is the most precious part of the body, one should choose the highest quality helmets. Motocross goggles and helmets work together to offer excellent protection from particles that might damage the eyes as well as skull impacts. A good helmet should have a strong outer shell that can absorb and cushion the initial impact, and an interior padding that offers additional protection and comfort. Technological advances have contributed to the development of lighter, safer, and more comfortable helmets.


Motocross Boots

When it comes to motocross protective gear, motorcycle boots are very important, second only to the helmet. When shopping for riding boots, safety is the number one concern. The boots should have adequate ankle and foot support, without limiting the natural foot movements. In addition to offering adequate safety, motocross boots should be durable, rain resistant, and lightweight.

It is important to seek expert advice before buying motocross gear in order to choose the best.

When Racing Becomes a Struggle – Personally and Financially – How to Overcome and Move Forward!

Struggling racer? People telling you that you should quit? Your spouse or significant other not understanding all the money and time that goes in to racing and resenting you for it? Your mom and dad saying that they can’t put anything more into it and you are on your own? Do you just give up your hopes, dreams and goals and all the hard work you have done?

I am here to tell you not to give up. There are solutions to these problems. You CANNOT HELP THE FACT that you have a deep passion for racing – it’s inside of you, it’s the way you were wired. You just can’t flip a switch and say “Ok I am going to walk away from racing.” Can you?

I know what you are feeling! I understand. I have been in your shoes! Really. I have tried to walk away from racing a few times, especially after my daughter was born. I tried my hand at other things – even designing gift baskets! But little by little I started sticking checkered flags in those baskets and my heart and soul brought me right back to working in the sport I love and know best.

But I had the critics too – my family, my husband, they did not understand the time I put in to it, they did not understand when I was not making any money – just putting money into it, and not getting anything back. They looked at racing as just a money pit, a constant struggle to keep your head above water.

But eventually I overcame all that after working through my own personal issues – changing my mindset and looking inside myself, making some changes both inside and out – and found my niche in the sport, building a business that is realistic to me and non-stressful for my family. I am making a living doing what I love to do – helping racers!

I am here to tell you, that you can over come these issues you are dealing with by a few simple things and find your own racing success – these are things that helped me and I want to share them with you:

1.) Take a step back and look at your situation. Make a list of all the positives and all the negatives. If the negatives out number the positives, it’s time to make some changes.

2.) Sit down with your family or significant other and have a heart-to-heart talk. Explain to them that this is your passion in life and their emotional support for your passion is important to you. Explain that you are going to come up with a plan that you can afford to do and set realistic goals for yourself in the sport – that will no longer cause financial and emotional hurt with them. Tell them you want to work out compromises that are fair to all of you. Explain that your plan includes them being a part of your support system – that you need them cheering you on and believing in you, instead of resenting you. Explain if you have this resentment from them, will not be able to even reach the realistic goals you have set. Resentment just breeds more resentment. Explain that you cannot help the way you are about racing, any more than they can help the things that they love and are passionate about. Then stick to the plan and show your emotional and financial support back to them equally for the things that they love, enjoy and are passionate about.

3.) Take some time off from racing or cut back so you have more time in-between races to ‘re-group’ and heal financially. Pick a limited schedule to run based on the events that pay the most and have the most exposure.

4.) Learn how to market yourself and take the time off to get good at this and focus your time, energy and invest some of your racing budget in promoting yourself in a bigger way. Share your passion publicly, make it fun and this will attract sponsors into helping you and your racing efforts.

5.) Consider making a change in where and what you are racing. Do your research. Look for more affordable classes that have good purses and seem to get more exposure and sponsors.

6.) Re-Invent yourself. Look inside of you and also talk to others who know you best and find what you also are really good at in racing. It may not always be just driving. There may be other great talents you have that you can utilize to make a career in racing or create a side service to help fund your racing – such as building shocks, carbs, body work, or even a marketing related service such as social media management or writing press releases for other racers.

7.) Do not act desperate. Desperate people do not move forward and do not attract sponsorship – or are not even attractive to anyone that could possibly fund you. You may get someone to feel sorry for you once or twice, buy your tires for a weekend, but that is only a band-aid and not a long term solution.

8.) Change your mindset. Think positive. Positive people attract more positive people. Rally these positive people around you. Get that positive group together and you be the leader. Recruit them into working together as a team for the common goal. Brainstorm sessions while having a BBQ or hanging around the shop and treat them to a pizza party. Listen to their ideas about helping you reach your goals and be open and trusting to letting them go out and do them on your behalf. You cannot do everything yourself. Great leaders are also surrounded by great people. Great leaders know how to delegate and know how to motivate and reward those who help them.

9.) Don’t be hard on yourself. You are only one person, and you are unique. What you see other racers doing may not always work for you. Set realistic goals with realistic time frames to achieve them. Just because you did not win a championship this year, or are not racing at a certain level at your age because somebody else is, does not mean that is the end of the world. Slow cooking at a constant temperature makes the most delicious meals. Stay focused, steady and consistent. Rushing things before you are ready or can afford it is just a recipe for disaster.

10.) Make racing fun for your family, spouse or significant other. Include them in what you are doing and give them something fun to do and make them feel important. Understand that they are making a sacrifice for your passion and dreams. If your family dynamic has changed, such a birth of a baby or a brother or sister in college – understand you have to accommodate these changes. You may not be able to afford what you did before or race every weekend. BE OK WITH THIS. It’s not the end of the world, you are still racing, just adjusting to the situation. If you have family events that are special, and you have to choose between racing that day or attending that family event, show them you will choose that family event for them. They see you making these efforts, they will be more willing to support you. One or two days missing a race will not make or break you. But missing something special with your family is something that could cause more deep resentment, hurt and pain for the ones you love. Just causing more resentment against your racing. Make it fun and bring the race car to your family reunion and use it as a time to rally more support.

11.) Be realistic. Understand that family responsibilities come first. Paying the house payment comes first. A college education comes first. Do not rob Peter to pay Paul. Do what you can afford, plan out a budget, set easy goals and meet them one at a time.

12.) Fall in love with the marketing side of the sport. Work it just as hard or more as the driving side. Good marketing attracts support and funding. The more funding the more racing. The more funding – the happier everyone is – especially you!

I am asking you all to apply these simple steps – I know you can make these changes! I know you CAN do this and set yourself on the right path. I had to make the changes. I had to cut back on all I was trying to do; I had to have my heart-to-heart talks. I had to make the compromises that were in the best interest of my family. I had to fall back in love with marketing myself. I had to set realistic goals. I had to take the urgency out of what I was trying to do for my racing business and calm down and put things on a slow and steady temp. I had to write out my plan and look at what was working and what was not. I truly started treating racing as a business and planning and working it this way, not just something I loved to do. I included my hubby and daughter in my racing business – bringing them to the track with me and having them bring their friends while I was working so they could enjoy themselves. I approach everything with a positive attitude and have attracted equally positive people around me in my business to help me.

Sport Bike Equipment – Motorcycle Stands – Tips

Sport bike racing is an adrenaline-pumping activity. Flying down the track, weaving in and out of other racers, watching the track turn to a blur is a real rush. Another aspect of riding fast is it isn’t just exciting, it’s also dangerous. Racers protect themselves with the right equipment for the job. You need the best equipment to protect yourself from the road and to protect your bike during maintenance. Some essentials include a well-made helmet, protective boots, gloves, and armor, and well-made shop equipment like a bike stand to support your bike.

Motorcycle racing can get expensive fast. You need protective gear for safe riding. Even for non-racing, street riding many countries have made wearing of personal protective equipment the law. Protective clothing includes jackets, gloves, boots, and pants. Many of these items are typically made of nylon, leather, and even Kevlar. Kevlar is an expensive material but can prevent things from piercing into you if you fall on it hard, such as when you fall off your bike and land on a sharp object. You can see that the cost of riding can escalate quickly.

Racing jackets combine style, comfort, and protecting. Most of these jackets have armor in the shoulder and elbow area. Some have armor in the back and other high impact areas. Brands that are popular with motorcyclists include First Gear, Icon, Moose, Shift, Alpinestars, and Joe Rocket. All the aforementioned companies offer jackets made up of textiles or leather, in different sizes and types.

Motorcycle boots have motorcycle specific features such as air flow enhancements and reinforcements on the shifting foot. Many of them provide extra protection not found in ordinary boots. Popular bands include Alpinestars, Sidi, ICON, Puma, TCX, and AXO.

You’ll need gear designed for use during cold weather or warm weather, depending on when you race. Cold-weather gear could be uncomfortable and much too warm if you race in it during the summer. It’s bad enough that the wrong gear could be uncomfortable and affect your performance, but it could also make racing less safe.

Sometimes overlooked in the motorcycle safety area is the equipment used to work on a bike. Many accidents actually happen in the shop while performing maintenance. There are plenty of statistics showing heavy bikes falling over and causing injury. Your motorcycle is heavy, and if the motorcycle stand fails your bike will fall and possibly land on some part of your body. I suggest you look into a well-made, heavy-duty stand.

Inspect your equipment often and always make sure it’s in good working condition. If something you are wearing is involved in a crash, make sure to doublecheck it’s in working order. Having your body armor plat slip at just the wrong time can be devastating, painful, and possibly deadly.

Motorcycle riding and racing is a blast. You need to do it responsibly; make sure you know what you are doing, get training, and practice safe racing. Research and own the right equipment to keep you and other racers safe on the track.