Fat Burning Exercises

In order for the exercises, we propose to be effective and allow us to lose excess fat, we recommend doing them for half an hour. It is advisable to check that the heart rate is between 125 and 145 beats per minute, which is the point where fat burns most easily. And in case of fatigue, we should never sit down. Instead of stopping dry, it is always better to recover by walking and drinking a few sips of water.

1. Walking speed

Walk fast for five minutes. We must learn to walk because it is not a question of accelerating the pace in a dizzying way or going out into the street just to walk fast. We should get used to the regular walk and, within it, spend at least five minutes to increase the speed. After this time we will proceed to slow down and continue walking more slowly for at least another five minutes.

2. A little bit of bike

Cycling on a stationary bike for five to ten minutes every day is a healthy exercise that costs little work. If we don’t have this device, we can lie on the floor, on our backs and, with our legs in the air, simulating the pedaling movement for five minutes.

3. A little ladder

We should do at least three minutes of exercise on steps: one minute going up and down at a normal pace, one minute going up and down quickly, and again one minute going up and down at a normal pace. Now, on the other hand, we will go everywhere, renouncing the elevator. So, whether by metro, train, department store, to go home, etc., we must always choose to use the stairs. Of course, by raising and lowering them as we normally would.

4. A little static gymnastics

Every day, for two minutes, we have to do this exercise: standing up, and without moving from the place, we will carry our heels to our asses as if we were in the race. Then we will rest for a minute and then, immediately afterward, we will stand, open and join our legs to the right and left. A third phase of the exercise will be jumping from right to left, from left to right, and back and forth.

fitness tips

Some Practical Tricks

  • We’ll replace subway, bus or car with a little ride. Otherwise we will propose, in one of our daily trips, to get off one stop earlier than planned and walk to the destination. When we have been practicing this exercise for some time now, we could plan to go at least once a week to work or anywhere else on foot.
  • One good way to maximize the excellence of the ride, and as long as it’s not crowded, is to swing your arms back and forth. In this way, we will tonify our body’s muscles even more and we will also have the feeling that the effort is not so much.
  • Elevators and escalators are a comfortable invention that we must renounce from time to time in pursuit of our well-being. Walking up a few floors on foot will help us to get in shape little by little and without getting overwhelmed. With this exercise, we will be able to strengthen the buttocks, increase our resistance, oxygenate the blood and we will also be able to strengthen the knees.
  • Something as practical as ordering books or records, dusting them or sorting them by subject periodically will tone our arms and back.
  • Household chores are an effort, but they can also be a great benefit. By cleaning the crystals we will remove the wrists and strengthen the fingers and hands. In a quarter of an hour, we can burn about fifty calories, approximately.
  • Bending down is healthy as long as we do it right. The benefit is that we bend our knees and do strength with our thighs, instead of leaning only the back. To exercise these muscles we can entertain ourselves with a fun game: throw dry vegetables on the ground and pick them up one by one.
  • Dancing is one of the most sporting recreational activities. An hour of track can finish up to 400 calories.

Each type of dance will bring us a different benefit. For example:

  • Salsa dance will serve for the hips, with movements that usually, in our daily life, we do not perform.
  • Hip-hop strengthens the legs.
  • Flamenco strengthens the arms.

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