What are amino acids

Amino acids are often used in the diet by people who play sports or want to improve their performance and muscle mass. An interesting fact is to know that 20% of the human body is composed of protein. Protein plays a crucial role in almost all biological processes and amino acids are the building blocks of it.

A large proportion of cells, muscles and tissue are composed of amino acids, which means that they perform many bodily functions which are very important, such as the structure of cells. They also play a prominent role in transporting and storing nutrients. Amino acids influence the function of organs, glands, tendons, and arteries. They are also essential for wound healing and tissue repair, especially in muscles, bones, skin and hair, as well as eliminating all kinds of waste deposits produced in relation to metabolism. It is for this reason that when people lack mineral vitamins and have little production of amino acids it is that they have problems in the healing of the skin.amino acids structure

How Amino Acids Work

Older people in particular are more likely to suffer from malnutrition. “If the body lacks the minimum energy and nutrients, the body can not carry out its bodily and mental functions. Without the necessary vitamins, such as proteins and amino acids, trace elements and minerals, there is a risk of weakness And metabolic disorders that can have serious consequences and it is for this reason that people are more likely to suffer from diseases of various types, not only coronary, but may suffer from malnutrition.

The amount of amino acids that each person possesses may vary, but on average it is 120 to 130 grams in an adult male. If we consume protein in the diet, the protein in the gastro-intestinal tract is broken down into the individual amino acids and then transformed back into a new protein. This complex biological process is called protein biosynthesis.

The function of amino acids is very important because if they are lacking or have a very low percentage, the body and organism is not so functioning correctly, but starts to function in a limited way.

As you can see the function of amino acids is very complex but at the same time very important for the body to function properly. In case these amino acids are scarce in the body, it can function to a lesser degree. Also they are usually sold some nutritional supplements for the athletes, these are amino acids formed chemically and they are a nutritional complement very important for those people who practice sports.

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