Why We Need Essential Amino Acids

Essential amino acids can be used for medicinal purposes with the aim of improving the body and functioning of the heart, but also in some cases are often used in sports, to improve performance. The most important function of amino acids is to build proteins, and proteins are a vital macronutrient for the body. However, on some occasions it is simply calling amino acids to the structure of the protein. While some amino acids can only be considered proteins, other types of amino acids can play a very important role in the functioning of the body. For example, to support the metabolism to protect your heart, the body can also use amino acids for energy.essential amino acids supplement

When cells need proteins, they follow the DNA instructions that define the specific amino acids and the order in which they must do to build the protein. This operation is very complex, however, it is fundamental for a correct functioning of the human body and of the organism. The DNA of the body depends on another macromolecule to make the protein., That molecule is called RNA takes a copy of the DNA code, which leaves the cell, amino acids find and join in a chain.

Essential Amino Acids in Health

Several amino acids fulfill the function of producing neurotransmitters, but of all the functions and role they play there are two well known examples, which are the amino acids tryptophan and tyrosine. The first called tryptophan has the job of producing serotonin, which regulates the mood of the person and in some cases is known as the hormone of happiness. There are many products and drugs that are sold to stimulate this hormone and fight diseases such as depression or anxiety.

Another of the most outstanding functions that essential amino acids perform is to protect cardiovascular health, the body uses the amino acid arginine to make nitric oxide, it helps lower blood pressure by relaxing the muscles in your blood vessels. This process is produced in the muscles of the heart, where contractions are usually regulated.

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